Thornton Park Retirement Lodge

Specialists in caring for people - no matter what age or disability.

Long Term - Permanent or long term residential care is available for any wishing to avail themselves of it, up through rest home to those needing hospital level of care. Our contracts with the Ministry of Health mean those who qualify are able to access government funding to pay for such care. We are happy to discuss your personal needs and help you through the assessment programme set up ascertain your entitlements.

Short Stay - Carer Support or respite care can be used by all who qualify. A day, a week, 28 days, even longer, as assessed by the co-ordination team of Support Net and funded through the Area Health Boards. There is no income or asset testing, or forfeiture of current benefits.

Palliative Care - We work in with district nursing in the provision of this specialised field, and have a full hospice service available. Government funding is an issue that we are working through at present.

Day Care - Just come in for a day while your family is away or busy, transport provided. The HFA can also fund this provision for those who qualify.

Thornton Park
  • Friendly family atmosphere.
  • Assistance, nursing care and Doctor available 24 hours.
  • Security, feel safe, warm, comfortable and secure 24 hours a day.
  • Sunny spacious modern building, with en-suite toilet in each room.
  • Historic, park-like surrounds.
  • Rural setting, citrus and other fruit trees.
  • Minutes from town centre, Bowling and RSA Clubs, Banks etc.
  • Outings, activities and excitement to suit all, including trips away or leisure and relaxation.
  • Easily accessible vehicle goes to town daily.
  • Visitors accommodation
  • Swimming pool and BBQ area (Also available for your visitors)

Why not come for a holiday.

Carer Support is a marvellous government provision, yet so many people are unaware of its existence. Many elderly folk or others with disabilities no matter what age, being cared for by someone else can qualify. Entitlements and the number of days allowable can vary depending on various factors and circumstances. The purpose of Carer Support is to allow the usual caregiver to have a holiday, but why not make it a holiday for the one needing care. Where better than Thornton Park? If you think permanent placement is a possibility at some future time, why not use your Carer Support entitlement to find out for yourself just how pleasant and fulfilling life here can be.

Complete Independence

If full nursing care is not required, we have cottages set aside where one can enjoy complete independence, yet help is only the touch of a button away. In many cases meals can be provided, the units can be serviced, medication can be administered etc. just whatever your personal circumstance may need. These units are only available on a rental basis long or short term. There is usually a waiting list so enrol now, don't wait till the last minute.

Resort-like Atmosphere

We are not an institution!

You still have as much freedom as you would in your own home. Often more, our transport, outings and activities open doors you may not have at home.

Your personal likes and dislikes are respected. Time to get up is when you are ready, breakfast in bed if you prefer. Stay up and watch the Rugby all night if you want. Pursue your own hobbies and interests. Even though many people and their families are reluctant to seek Rest Home or Residential Care, the general reaction once they are settled in, is what a fabulous friendly place, they are happy they made the right decision.

If you need care in any way, you owe it to yourself to check out all options, come personally and chat about your needs over a cuppa. This puts you under no obligation, but we are sure it is a decision you will never regret. If getting here is a problem, give us a call, we will be happy to pick you up.

Age or Disability Related Consultancy Service.

Allan and Shona have been helping people through the ever changing minefields surrounding many such issues including: funding, estate erosion protection, retirement planning, guilt feelings when one can no longer look after a loved one, counselling in family relationship problems. If you feel frustrated with the system or need advice or possible answers, take advantage of this totally confidential and inexpensive service.

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